Tresham Prospectus Front Cover

The Brief

Tresham College, with multiple campuses in Northamptonshire as well as operating the National College for Motorsport at Silverstone Circuit, asked Seventy9 to design and create a much more visual college prospectus than had gone before.

To be aimed primarily at a 16-18 age demographic, we were tasked with reducing the amount of text, yet still providing concise and detailed information, while clearly demonstrating a fun, relaxed and informal environment, different to that experienced at school, appealing through a tone of voice which didn't patronise, engaging and speaking to them as adults.

Our approach, with a detailed dissemination of the brief, was to reduce previous text blocks, enabling a more digestible, open and informative reading experience, introducing contemporary monochrome imagery, creating a unique, stylised brand experience.

Tresham Prospectus Front Cover
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Student of Tresham

Ben, Working Hard!

The Solution

We created a magazine format with a bold and energetic grid layout, introducing a contemporary colour palette of blue and yellow, supported by a sans serif font family attractive, legible and familiar to the reader, introducing student quotes throughout to emphasise the College's excellent learning environment.

Ben, Student of Tresham

Ben, Working Hard!

Jane, Student of Tresham

Jane getting the practise in!

The Methodology

We continually embraced all aspects of the brief, highlighting key areas we knew the demographic would enjoy, providing reassurance and information in equal measure, communicating and collaborating with the College to ensure all general and course areas were covered with the utmost care.

Jane, Student of Tresham

Jane getting the practise in!

The Final Result

A wonderfully energetic and unique magazine formatted prospectus and an incredible 43 course handbooks, all created, executed and adhered to comprehensive vibrant brand guidelines.

Tresham Brochure

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